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The College of Engineering explores the world through its international programs. Enjoy our "Greetings from Abroad" series, with blogs from students who are living, studying and working overseas.


Blogs from Turkey:

Turkey dig site

A University of Nebraska-Lincoln group, led by assistant professor Ece Erdogmus of The Durham School, crosses many miles and centuries each summer. With her specialization in masonry restructures and a love of her homeland, Erdogmus leads restoration of a Roman temple from the third century C.E., in the ancient city of Antiocheia ad Kragos on Turkey's southern coast. She developed the project with art history professor Michael Hoff from UNL and professor Rhys Townsend from Clark University, and since 2005, UNL students have joined the field work team. Funding has been provided by the National Science Foundation and Harvard Loeb Classical Library Foundation, as well as UNL funding.

PHOTO: UNL Architectural Engineering students and faculty sit on the excavated and newly exposed Northern Wall of the 3rd century imperial roman temple during their summer 2011 dig. They include: Cody Buckley (Ph.D. student), Ariel Kousgaard (senior), Dr. Erdogmus (Associate Professor), Karina Kelly (senior), and Alex Jording (M.S. student).

Blogs from Italy:







Turkey: Restoring ancient structures



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