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College of Engineering

  • Business Motivations for Implementing Sustainability-Focused Projects: P3 Program – Lessons Learned (2013) by Ayna Kekilova
  • Soil organic carbon dynamics in agriculture: model development and application from daily to decadal timescales (2013) by Matthew Phillip Pelton
  • Co-removal of atrazine and nitrate from groundwater using a mulch biofilm (2012) by Allison Cole
  • Hydrologic evaluation of established rain gardens in Lincoln, Nebraska using a storm runoff simulator (2011) by Andrew R. Anderson
  • A framework for evaluating sorbent usage rate of various sorption column configurations with and without bypass blending (2011) by Benjamin A. Stewart
  • Economic and environmental sustainability of using bio-fuels for heating small Nebraska greenhouses (2010) by David Mabie
  • Use of passive samplers to evaluate pharmaceutical fate in surface waters (2010) by Brown, DelShawn L
  • Multi-criteria habitat assessment for the Missouri River pallid sturgeon (2009) by Jennifer Gitt
  • Development of a storm runoff simulator: native sediment mixing device with a control system (2009) by William C. Alms
  • Maximizing sorbent life with bypass blending (2009) by Christian W. New
  • Implementing an integrated surface-groundwater model in multiple computational environments (2008) by Mahesh Pun
  • The effects of waste handling practices on the fate of androgens and estrogens from concentrated animal feeding operations (2008) by Shannon DeVivo
  • Ion exchange water softening: comparison of standard and reclaim systems at various salt application rates (2008) by Hunter R. Flodman
  • Maximizing sorbent life: a comparison of columns in parallel, lead-lag series, and with bypass blending (2007) by Patrick C. Denning
  • Laboratory and pilot-scale investigations of RDX treatment by permanganate (2008) by Chanat Chokejaroenrat
  • Fate of Avian influenza virus after land disposal (2007) by David A. Graiver
  • Dispersion modeling of odors from a swine facility (2006) by Manish Modi
  • Optimization study of an existing GAC treatment system former Nebraska Ordnance Plant, Mead, NE (2004) by Yunsoon Hyun
  • Storm water quality evaluation of livestock runoff from small transient facilities (2004) by Rabab Shamayleh
  • Odor, H2S and NH3 emissions from phototrophic and non-phototrophic anaerobic swine lagoons (2004) by Jason Byler
  • Long-term detention for the stabilization of wastewater biosolids from small communities (2003) by Amanda Fox
  • Evaluating in-situ permanganate oxidation and biodegradation of RDX in a perched aquifer (2002) by Michael Adam
  • Evaluation and modeling of selected small community's wells in Nebraska for pathogen contamination (2001) by Julie Fisher
  • Modeling the atmospheric dispersion of odors from agricultural sources (2000) by Michael Rinkol
  • GAC treatment study for the Lincoln water system: implications of GAC type, pretreatment and herbicides (2000) by Brian Hilts
  • Solid waste pollution prevention opportunity assessment for a large metropolitan school district (1999) by Carla Rasmussen
  • Effects of copper and zinc in swine diets on phototrophic anaerobic lagoons (1999) by Daniel Spare
  • The use of fuzzy logic for quantifying uncertainty associated with the implementation of pollution prevention alternatives (1998) by Michael Behrens
  • Evaluation of a subsurface flow constructed wetland system for small-community wastewater treatment in southeastern Nebraska (1997) by Scott Vanier
  • Characteristics of purple and non-purple lagoons for swine waste (1997) by Tongtong Chen
  • Evaluation of reversible static-bed bio-denitrification reactors (1996) by Bryan Woodbury
  • Evaluation of sulfur-based autotrophic denitrification (1996) by David Lampe
  • Waste minimization opportunities for the vehicle repair industry (1991) by Tim Gouger
  • Metal removal from electroplating wastewater using chemical precipitation and vermiculite ion exchange (1988) by Barbara Richter Karr
  • The chemical removal of nitrates from drinking water using ferrous sulfate and pickle liquor (1986) by Ronald Sova
  • Corrections of Lincoln Nebraska's wastewater treatment plant process (1980) by Carroll Reynolds
  • Study of mathematical models for simulating agricultural runoff (1977) by Steven J. Zuhlke
  • Water quality and control of plant pathogens in irrigation reuse (1977) by Rick Bay
  • Municipal water rates pricing concepts (1976) by Subhash D. Jha
  • Field investigation of an oxidation ditch (1973) by Roger Helgoth
  • A study of reverse osmosis systems and the Greenfield Iowa plant (1972) by Blair Knowles
  • Water quality study: Grand Island, Nebraska (1970) by Gary Sindelar
  • Solids balance in an anaerobic lagoon treating slaughterhouse wastes (1968) by Clinton Louis Weber