Winter 2002

Adam Holmberg

Adam Holmberg
Constance Walter

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Deepak Keshwani
Tonia Kinish
Rebecca Oltman
Michelle Yarmer
Jairus Gonzalez
Melissa Andersen
Sharon Kolbet, Daily Nebraskan

Constance Walter

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John Ballard

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Tim Randall

From the Editor
The Nebraska Blueprint comes together after delay.

Coming to America
Karine Hubert grew up in a small French town with with little knowledge about America. Her studies at NU changed all that.

Venturing Out
Engineering students Mark Dietz and John Prauner learn about more than engineering while studying in Germany.

Involved students benefit from group experiences
A showcase of Ambassadors, Diplomats, and Delegates; Diversity Scholars and Learning Community members.

Terrorist Acts Stun Students
Students condemn those responsible for terrorist acts while hoping for good things to come.

From the Office of College Relations
Restructuring of Dean’s Office expands services to students – on all three campuses – and alumni.

College sees many exciting changes
A letter from Dr. John Ballard, Associate Dean.

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