Summer 2002

Adam Holmberg

Business Manager
Josh Rich

Melissa Andersen
Constance Walter

Adam Holmberg
Constance Walter
Trish Fenster

Contributing Writers
Aaron Collins
Thomas Cudd
Deepak Keshwani
Jairus Gonzalez
Rebecca Oltman

Constance Walter

Publications Board
John Ballard

Web Editor
Tim Randall

From the Editor
Editor Adam Holmberg welcomes new staff members to the Nebraska Blueprint.

Taking a Team Approach
Research through UCARE examines what makes teamwork work.

E-Week 2002
A pictorial review of this year's E-Week.

Back Page
Project: Habitat for Humanity
Learning Community Goes to Colorado

Engineers Improve Smiles
Multidisciplinary research project takes Biological Systems Engineering student to the Dental College.

Black Engineers
A look at history showcases black engineers' many contributions to the world.

Student Profiles
Nebraska Blueprint staff members look at the lives of three College of Engineering and Technology students.

Career Fair
Career Fairs offer resume, interview help and employment opportunties.

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