Fall 2002

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Adam Holmberg
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You Never Know Where the Road Will Lead
Civil engineering graduate student takes research on the road.

Feel the POWER!
Quarter scale tractor team strives for excellence in competition and continues to move up in the ranks.

Independent Study Team Goes Robotic
The story behind the making of a robot by an undergraduate independent study team.

A Fine-Tuned Balance
Biological systems engineering student balances school and musical interests.

Battle of the Brains
A tale of an old feud between engineering students and law students many years ago.

100 Years of Nebraska Blueprint
Serving engineering students of NU for a century, the Nebraska Blueprint celebrates its 100th Anniversary with a look at its beginning years.

From Kilobytes to Terabytes
Over the years, UNL's computing facilities have pregressed as academia, expecting more from its ones and zeros.

Big Hopes for Tiny Device
A group of faculty and student researchers develop a ground-breaking boron carbide neutron detector.

From the Editor
The Nebraska Blueprint celebrates 100 years

Students Receive Honors and Awards

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