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WINTER 2007-08


Letter from the Editor


Student Profile: Daniela Cadore

By Michaela McBride

Student Profile: Erin Hammons

By Ashley Johnson

Tech Guru

By Brian Neilson

Mechanism Improves Cyclist's Performance

By Khoa Chu

Alumni Tips

By Hannah Peterson

Bridges: Two Cities, Two Perspectives

By Brian Nielson

Bike Lanes: Making Space for Safety

By Natasha Richardson

Engineering the Downhill Bike

By Matt Buxton

Alumni Tips: Mindy Yechout

By Hannah Peterson

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Letter from the Editor

This is is my first semester as editor of The Blueprint. Along with a young staff, I’m learning as I go. Although we’re fairly green, everyone has been putting a lot of effort into making this a great semester for the magazine.

The staff and I are covering several topics this issue, most that directly impact Lincolnites.

The bike stories are especially interesting to me because I grew up in a town of 2,000 people, and I could ride my bike on any sidewalk or street in town without being concerned about my safety. Actually, I probably could have taken a nap on the road in front of my house at any time of the day, and I would have had a greater chance of getting struck by lightning
than of getting hit by a car.

I hope readers who have similar cycling experiences as I did growing up, as well as seasoned cyclists, will benefit from our stories this issue. Because alternative means of transportation are becoming more popular in cities nationwide, it’s important that we be informed about the ways to get around other than personal automobiles.

In addition, we have a story this semester on two bridges in our area. Bridge safety has been a huge concern for the public after the bridge collapse in Minnesota, so we thought it would be appropriate to delve into the details of what keeps local bridges safe.

I thank you for picking up this issue and hope you enjoy the articles the staff has worked on this semester. The staff and I are always interested in what our audience wants to read, so I encourage you to email me at if you have ideas for topics that you think would be beneficial to include in our future issues.

Natasha Richardson
Editor In Chief

Natalie Richardson



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