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Student Profile: Daniela Cadore

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Student Profile: Erin Hammons

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Mechanism Improves Cyclist's Performance

By Khoa Chu

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By Hannah Peterson

Bridges: Two Cities, Two Perspectives

By Brian Nielson

Bike Lanes: Making Space for Safety

By Natasha Richardson

Engineering the Downhill Bike

By Matt Buxton

Alumni Tips: Mindy Yechout

By Hannah Peterson

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Tech Guru

Not long ago, Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator were the only browsers most people knew
about. But when Mozilla Firefox first came out, I fell in love with it. Microsoft has caught up to the
usefulness of Firefox with Internet Explorer 7. But when I tried the new Netscape Navigator 9, I was
blown away. Here are some pros and cons of the browsers.

Internet Explorer 7 is a vast improvement over the previous version. Tabbed browsing is a feature previously lacking, and the “New Tab” button is great. A thumbnail view of all open tabs is available. Internet Explorer will automatically scale pages to print. The browser now has a built-in search engine. However, my favorite feature is Page Zoom.

Visibly, Firefox 2 is about the same as the original Firefox. However, it has built-in phishing protection. The built-in search engine box now gives suggestions as you type. Links open in new tabs by default. When you type into web forms, spell check highlights misspelled words. Numerous extensions are available to customize the browser. One drawback I noticed is that Web pages created in Microsoft Publisher do not display correctly.

The Netscape Navigator 9 looks like Firefox 2. But Navigator has several features that put it over the top. A URL correction feature now prompts the user’s typing errors, like googlecom instead of The File menu allows you to restart Navigator without losing current tabs. The stop and reload buttons are combined in one place. Next to it is a “New Tab” button, but it is not as conveniently placed as Internet Explorer’s. One final cool feature of Navigator is that text areas in Web forms can be resized by dragging the lower right corner.

Futures look bright for web surfers using any of these browsers. Try them all and see which one you like best.



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