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Student Profile: Daniela Cadore; by: Michaela McBride

Daniela Cadore, a senior civil engineering major from Fortaleza, Brazil, is spending the semester at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln through an exchange program with her university, Universidade Federal do Ceará.

“In the spring, American students go to Brazil and during fall semester, Brazilian students come here,” Cadore said. “I had the opportunity to have a UNL student in my house for two months, and I will spend all semester here.”

Picture of: Daniela Cadore; photo taken by Matt Buxton

Cadore said hosting a UNL exchange student in her home prior to coming here helped her with the transition when she arrived in August.

“I met a lot of UNL students in Brazil when they were participating in this program, so I knew about the culture and the university. This helped me because I could learn about the language and the culture that I am living now,” Cadore said.

Even though Cadore had the opportunity to interact with UNL students before she arrived, she experienced some challenges when she moved to Lincoln.

“The first challenge was the language. In the first week I had difficulties understanding some classes, to understand specific engineering words,” she said.

With the help of her professors, friends and especially her adviser, Marilena Carvalho, Cadore has overcome these issues and is doing well.

“Now I can understand all classes. It is not just this, I can also understand what people say,” she said. Cadore also said her English is more natural and easier for her to speak than when she arrived. Cadore really enjoys civil engineering.

“I don’t know exactly when or why I chose civil engineering, but I know that I made the right choice. I love engineering and every(thing) that is related to it,” she said.

The research that Cadore does in the asphalt laboratory adds to her experience at UNL.

“Basically, I am helping out the graduate students with their projects by separating materials that they need for their asphalt mixtures or other needs. I am also learning about the tests that they are performing and the significance of each test,” she said.

Classes, research, studying and hanging out with friends keep Cadore busy during the week. “Everything is new and different for me, so I am trying to enjoy everything,” she said. Cadore is especially struck by the resources available to students at UNL. “One thing that impresses me everyday is the structure of the university; we have everything that we need,” she said.

At the end of the semester, Cadore will return to Brazil to finish her undergraduate degree in civil engineering. She said she hopes to return to UNL to get her master’s degree in civil engineering because she has had such a positive experience here.

“International Affairs sponsors many activities so these students can get to know other international and American students,” she said. “I think it is such a great opportunity to learn about American culture and also improve my background in civil engineering.”




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