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Dear Readers:

Welcome to the Fall/Winter 2010 issue of Nebraska Blueprint, the student magazine of the College of Engineering. My name is Michael McEniry and I am one of the new editors this semester, along with Nate Benes. Nate and I have been writing for the Blueprint for the previous two semesters under editor Brian Neilson. We hope to continue Brian’s commitment to the Blueprint and to bringing readers interesting news and stories about the college.

Through my first semester as editor, I quickly discovered the biggest challenge to the Blueprint magazine: finding students interested in joining. Currently, the Blueprint is in desperate need of writers. We also need someone to fill the role of layout editor. The two most common responses I receive from students when asked if they would be interested in joining are: “I’m not good at writing” or “I hate writing,” or both.

When I joined Nebraska Blueprint, I admit writing was not something I particularly enjoyed. Since joining, I can say my writing has improved, and I feel more confident when writing articles and reports for classes.

Regarding engineering and writing, you could be the brightest, most innovative engineer but if you can’t convey your ideas to others, they are useless. Writing is a critical skill for any engineer and the Blueprint is an excellent opportunity to improve those writing skills.

If you are interested in joining the Blueprint or want more information, send us an e-mail:

Michael McEniry