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Frozen in Time

NU electrical engineering alumnus Harold “Doc” Edgerton (1925) is known for his significant contributions to high-speed photographic and stroboscopic techniques and his contributions to underwater exploration through design of water-tight cameras. Born in Fremont in 1904, Edgerton was a member of the MIT faculty for 50 years. He is known to many for his series of “Stopping Time” photographs, considered to be classics of modern art and technology. Many of the photos are displayed outside the electrical engineering department office and in the Edgerton Explorit Center in Aurora. Visit its Web site at www.edgerton.org.

Quotable O.J. Ferguson

Electrical engineering professor Olin J. (O.J.) Ferguson was dean of the College of Engineering & Technology from 1920 to 1945. This is an excerpt from “One Hundred Years of Excellence” by A. John Boye.
“Any college professor who is so sterile as to lecture to his class by doling out the subject matter of the textbook assignment should be quietly chloroformed. Any college student who is so dull-witted as to need that kind of instructor should be dropped into the lake. Briefly, the effective lecture dramatizes the day’s work and leads the student to personal effort in the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom.”