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SWEDEN: May 15 - June 25, study with Luleå Technological Institute in Luleå, Sweden and Swedish Institute of Composites (SICOMP) in Piteå, Sweden (Research Topic: Advanced Composites and Engineering Materials); field trips to Riga, Latvia and Stockholm, Sweden

Faculty: Dr. Terri Norton, Construction Systems


So who would think that the most confusing part of the journey so far would be taking out the trash. Sweden is a unique country because they are all about recycling and carefully disposing of waste. The recycling practices are very specific. The information we got with our lease agreements had an entire section on taking care of waste. The problem is that it is written in Swedish! For the past few weeks, Shannon and I have been carefully keeping our waste in our rooms. Finally, yesterday after carefully google translating the waste information we made the journey to the trash collection area, the soterat avfall, where we were able to discard all of our waste. We sorted our incineratable waste, plastics, metals, compostables, etc. We are feeling very Swedish since we have increased our environmentally sustainable lifestyle! It is also nice to not have all of our trash in our rooms!
– Brett Sallach, senior, Civil Engineering



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