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CHINA: May 8 – June 1, three weeks of class in Xian, with trips to Beijing and Shanghai

Girl praying photoFaculty: Dr. Zhaoyan Zhang, Mechanical Engineering


As this was a study abroad trip, we had to take classes. The tai chi in the morning was very difficult…the calligraphy and painting class was wonderful though. Our professor, Dr. Bai, was an excellent teacher of culture, pronunciation and language. In Xi’an we also got to experience things outside the university. My absolute favorite was the Terra Cotta Warriors. Shanghai was a fabulous city … at the Yu Gardens I recall the fish pond room where lovers met, and the male and female hallways (it makes sense that the male hallway was wider to accommodate the dress of the time). We also learned about the turtle in the floor that you step over for good luck and great wealth; it is ironic to me that the family went broke building this residence with its fine landscape and adjoining buildings.

After a visit to the 2010 World Exposition, our time in Shanghai ended with a flight into Beijing. We made it to the Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace and Forbidden City in just a few short days. At the end of our journey I was not ready to leave. I wanted to go back to Xi’an and study more or keep traveling around China. It was hard saying goodbye to our new friends, especially Mianmian. We became close in our time there and I miss her company. … More than that though, I miss the social culture of the Chinese and the respect that is so obvious in their day to day lives.
- Tessa Phillips, sophomore, Civil Engineering



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