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BRAZIL: June 12 - July 12; class met in Fortaleza, followed by trips to Amazon Rain forest, Manaus, Brasília (capital of Brazil), Paraty (historic city), and Rio de Janeiro.

Brazil Martial Arts photoFaculty: Dr. Libby Jones, CIVE


I became interested in Study Abroad in Freshman Engineering Seminar, when Dr. Allen spoke about it. I talked to more students about it and enrolled for a semester: January to July. The first month was intense classes in Portuguese. I stayed with a host family whose older son was an engineering student. He showed me around the campus and the city, and taught me the basics like the bus system. My courses were Statics, Principles of Chemical Processes, and an environmental engineering course. Near the end of my time there, a larger group of Nebraska Engineering students arrived for the summer program, and I was able to travel around Brazil with them. Each region of the country is very different, and my favorite place was Jeri Coacoara—one of the 10 most beautiful beaches.

The experience helped me a lot to open my mind and figure out things for myself, on my own. I learned a whole new language; when I met Brazilians in Lincoln after I got back, it was fun talking with them. I hope to do something international, in chemical engineering, for my career.
– Thomas Nguyen, junior, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering



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