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Small Plant Gets Big-time Recognition

top plant award

In the world of manufacturing, being one of the top plants in the eyes of Plant Manufacturing magazine is a big deal.

So when Square D, a plant little known outside the Lincoln area and the electrical manufacturing industry, received the designation in the December 2006 issue, it quickly became a point of pride.Plant Engineering cover page

“It’s quite an accomplishment,” said Terry Stentz, UNL associate professor of construction management.

The top plant award means the plant has excellent quality control, product design and automation.

Plant Manufacturing Editor Bob Vavra wrote in an article, “The QO circuit breaker is Square D’s premier product, and while circuit breakers may be a commodity, time, materials, safety and people are not. They are the factors driving Square D Lincoln to excellence today, and they are studied relentlessly to find ways to deliver greater excellence tomorrow.”

Circuit breaker manufacturing requires very tight tolerances, Stentz said, and safety has to be a major factor.

“It has to work the first time, every time,” he said. “It has to last for years and years without breaking. It’s the difference between a fire and no fire, power and no power.”