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from the dean

New School Year a Time to Reflect, Look Ahead

Dean David Allen

I am always struck with a sense of optimism when I see the young people that we are training to lead our nation and the world over the better part of this new century. We are truly blessed in the United States with students that we can challenge, that will take up that challenge, and that will in turn challenge us, their instructors, to give them our very best. In the College of Engineering at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, we are blessed more so than many other engineering colleges around the country. For example, the average ACT score of our incoming freshman class continues to lead the Big 12. So it is not hard for the faculty to do their jobs. Furthermore, our students “from the heartland” come to the institution already prepared for the difficult challenge that lies ahead for each and every one of them. Indeed, college may be the most difficult time in life for most of us.

We are very proud of our students in the College of Engineering. They are indeed our greatest asset, so we are trying very hard to keep them—harder than ever, I would have to say! For example, we have instituted new programs in the college designed to retain more of our students. These include the Nebraska Undergraduates Becoming Engineers (N.U.B.E.) camp for new students, which takes place the week before the fall semester begins, and the Freshman Learning Community, which takes students on exciting educational trips around the country. And I would be remiss if I did not mention our growing study abroad programs in the college that now take students to such far-off lands as China, Italy, Brazil and France. In fact, our college has become one of the leading engineering colleges in providing international educational opportunities for our students. We are also working very hard to expand our internship programs both domestically and abroad.

All of these extracurricular programs, provided at no additional cost to students, are paying off handsomely for us. Student retention in our college is at an all-time high! This bodes well for the future of our state. As more students graduate and join the work force over the next few years, we will see growth in the state economy due to the injection of the intellectual property that will be provided by these exceptional students.

This is a great time of year for all of us in Nebraska. If you know a student who is about to come to the institution again, or for the first time, give them a big “Go Huskers!” You can be assured that we will be doing the same here.

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—David H. Allen