Nebraska Engineering Fall, 2006
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UNL to Offer Dual Degree with French University

Officials from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and the University of Rouen signed an agreement March 30 to offer a dual master of science degree in engineering. The University of Rouen is a campus of 25,000 students located 80 miles northwest of Paris.

The agreement is part of an ongoing effort to expand the College of Engineering’s international study programs. The master’s degree program will be 30 credits, including six thesis credits. Students will earn at least 15 credits at UNL and have a thesis adviser from each institution. They also will choose an area of specialization at each institution.

“The idea is to give students something of value and allow them to mix and match,” said Engineering Mechanics Professor Mehrdad Negahban, who has been instrumental in making arrangements for the program.

Any department may opt to participate in the dual degree program. The agreement, in effect until 2011, builds upon an existing relationship between the college and the University of Rouen. In 2005, the universities signed a proclamation that made them sister institutions and held their first exchange program. Twelve UNL students took classes in France; two University of Rouen students studied here during the spring semester.

Marilena Carvalho, the college’s international programs coordinator, said the dual degree would put UNL in a better position to receive federal funding and other grants to support study abroad programs.

“This will help our international programs grow and mature,” Carvalho said.

Pierre Auger, head of the University of Rouen’s Institute of Materials Research, said he was looking forward to collaborating with UNL.

“It is difficult to have deep links with the U.S. This is an opportunity for us to do something new that can grow into something strong,” Auger said.