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College Remains Committed to Success and Growth

Recently Chancellor Harvey Perlman announced another round of cuts for the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. This has been a painful process for the Chancellor and the University community, including those in the College of Engineering & Technology. Although we have experienced few cuts over the past year, this time around we are not exempt. Cuts to the College total about 5 percent of state appropriations, although some will be restored through fees. The cuts include administrative downsizing, reduction in the undergraduate equipment fund, reduction in engineering extension service, and the elimination of the Department of Industrial Systems Technology.

I want to assure you that we are making every effort possible to help students currently enrolled in IS&T complete their degrees. Furthermore, I expect that many of the faculty and staff, whose positions have been eliminated in IS&T, will be rehired by the University in other positions. Discussions also have been initiated with Metropolitan Community College in Omaha concerning the transfer of the two-year associate’s degree in manufacturing engineering technology.

Lest you think all the news coming from the College is bad, let me highlight just a few exciting things happening in the College right now.

* Highest-ever entering average ACT scores
* Expanded Study Abroad program
* Higher enrollment numbers in both Lincoln and Omaha
* Increased research dollars

In addition, we are excited about our fledgling Ph.D. program in biomedical engineering, an inter-disciplinary, multi-university program; the progress we are seeing in discussions about a School of Construction; and the efforts on behalf of a Nebraska Transportation Institute.

In an email concerning cuts to the university, Chancellor Perlman said: “While these times have not been pleasant, we share this environment with almost every other institution of higher education in the country. … While the circumstances are the same for all of public higher education, some institutions will emerge as winners and some as losers. With your continued support and efforts, I believe we are positioned to be one of the winners.”

If we remain committed to the success of our students, faculty and programs and continue to strengthen our research initiatives, I, like Chancellor Perlman, believe we will be among the winners.

Dean David Allen