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  Engineers Without Borders_USA UNL Student Chapter Returned to Madagascar for Two More Successful Projects (and 5 photos)Left: Nebraska Engineering students plan and conduct E-Week events. Top right: an E-Week dirigible survived sabotage in 1927; at E-Week in the 21st century, a “drone” keeps the crowd’s eyes on the skies. Former NASA astronaut, Nebraskan Clay Anderson, visits a student group after giving a keynote speech at the E-Week Centennial in April 2013.  


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For Nebraska Engineering, the annual Engineering Week marks a memorable milestone in each academic year—as it has for the past century. According to a history compiled by Professor John Boye, in 1894 the Department of Electrical Engineering began hosting an exhibition for “Charter Day” (Nebraska’s birthday, Feb. 15) with displays that “amazed” the public. He wrote, “It was not until 1913, when other departments got involved, that the Open House became E-Week.”

At Lincoln’s City Campus, E-Week returns each April, as spring semester senior projects near completion; engineering programs in Omaha celebrate the occasion in February with the observance of National Engineers Week. In both settings, when E-Week arrives the speed of the academic term increases and workload pressures rise. Yet, E-Week is also a time to let off steam with fun activities for engineering students—typically events featuring refreshments (“free” is a favorite food group) while department teams compete for “bragging rights.”


Festivities have changed through the years—could those early engineers have foreseen the feuds* that would develop with law students in the 1920s, or the 1950s crowds that would find reassurance in homegrown innovations as the Cold War was waged? Today’s E-Week Open House attracts hundreds of middle and high school students to try hands-on engineering excitement and grow the community of engineers. We’re proud to honor the tradition of revealing what engineers can accomplish: with senior projects ranging from a laser guitar to a futuristic vehicle or a new process to feed or fuel the world.

*For more about the engineering/law rivalry, see


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