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“Engineering is a career of tangible results of both design and construction of projects that benefit our way-of-life and create wealth and jobs for our economy.” Jerry Novacek ('71 CIVE, '72 M.S.), Consultant, ECC Construction, San Francisco Corporate Office

“I like taking things apart to find out how they work--designing multiple parts which fit together to create a functional structure.” Kevin Meyer ('86 MECH), Senior Design Engineer at Spirit AeroSystems in Wichita, Kan.

“My proudest area in my work is seeing a job come to completion and seeing parts being made that I have drawn up, designed, and been involved with in the creation of the tool to make the part.” Brett Drvol, ('08 MECH), Design Engineer, Dimatic Die & Tool Co., Omaha, Neb.

“I strongly feel that an engineering degree can prepare anyone for any type of career be it law, medicine or business. My engineering education gave me a strong basis for life.” Thomas E. Johnson ('71 ELEC), retired

“Engineers are involved in everything we see around us, from car parts to human body parts. Engineers really do shape our world.” James L Baggs ('73 CIVE), Navigational Aids Engineer, FAA, Renton, Wash.

“As a member of the military, I have witnessed the contributions and enhancement of daily lives to third world countries around the world; this is attributed to both military and civilian engineers.” Phil Varilek ('03 CIVE), Pilot, USAF, Valdosta, Ga

“I enjoy getting to solve problems that are meaningful to people.” Anne Neilsen (’11 CSE), software engineer - Beehive Industries and Nebraska Global, Lincoln, Neb.

“There is a degree of personal gratification I feel when drivng on a project I helped develop and build.” John R. Jacobsen ('71 CIVE), retired, Omaha, Neb.

“Engineers change the world. Hardly a moment goes by in which someone doesn't interact with something that an engineer designed. I wish there were more engineers in Washington DC, because engineers know how to solve complex problems.” Kevin Davis ('11 M.ENG.), Software Engineering Manager, Lockheed Martin, Marietta, Ga.

“I love reverse engineering where I get to start with a result and work my way backwards. It's fun.” Abhinav Pandey ('08 ELEC), Electrical Engineer at FSC MEP Engineers, Overland Park, Kan.  

“This country was founded on ingenuity and it will be our ability to create and problem solve that will make us competitive in the world for years to come.” Jerad Higman ('95 MECH), President of Masaba Mining Equipment, Vermillion, S.D.

“I enjoyed my years as a Civil Engineer as the work was challenging and benefited many people. Problem solving was an enjoyable aspect. Time spent performing applied research was personally satisfying.” Wellington Meier, Jr ('59 CIVE, '60 ENGM), retired, Tempe, Ariz.


“Understanding the development process and the manufacturing environment provided during my education at UNL has allowed me to successfully apply the solutions Siemens provides to solving mission critical issues faced by my customers … I encourage women to look to the College of Engineering to provide them with a solid foundation from which they can define the course of their future.” Kathryn Meyer Drewer (’95 IMSE) is a sales executive in aerospace and defense with Siemens PLM Software in Cypress, Calif.”

“I enjoy solving problems that are difficult.  I engage design engineers and material vendors to solve these issues.” Todd Krofta ('87 IMSE), Sr. Quality Engineer/Supervisor, Molex, Lincoln, Neb.

“For me, engineering is not a job, it is a way of life.” Constantine Tarawneh ('03 Ph.D. MECH), Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at University of Texas-Pan American in Edinburg, Texas

“As engineers, we can be proud of the work we do to produce more while using fewer resources–water and energy. In my job, I also am producing food that not only feeds people in the U.S., but also around the world.”
James Alfieri ('98 CHME), Plant Manager, Cargill, Kansas City

“Solving problems through creative solutions is just one of the many reasons I was drawn to engineering when I was younger.  Now, I enjoy helping others as they look for ways to overcome technical engineering challenges, or simply figuring out creative ways to accomplish project goals and objectives.”
Todd Leathers ('95 MECH), Engineering Manager, Pella Corporation, Pella, Iowa

“Bringing forward new ideas forward to the company that result in positive results and cost reductions for production. I feel fulfilled when I have a new idea that hasn't been brought forward and can create a result that saves the company money. The College of Engineering has given me a good education that has provided me the ability to utilize my degree to improve my company as a whole and prepared me to obtain a PE certification.” Joseph Weiler ('09 MECH), Mechanical Engineer, Goodyear, Topeka, Kan.

“In the evolution of electric utility operation, how these changes are addressed by the engineer is a constant challenge–to seek out the best solution for the benefit of customers, the utility, and the industry in general to make this country the most efficient and productive in the world.” Don E. Schaufelberger (’49 ELEC), retired president and CEO of Nebraska Public Power District

“It is very exciting to see the products I have helped develop used to improve the quality of life for many patients suffering atrial fibrillation around the world.” ... Designing a heart catheter that will be robot-driven and provide physician feedback to reduce patient injury due to over driving of the catheter, which can puncture the heart wall requiring surgical intervention to repair. Applying engineering principles … for finding solutions in developing catheter based technology reminds me every day why I chose to become an engineer.” Andrew Oliverius (’03 MECH), product development engineer, St. Jude Medical in St. Paul, Minn.

“It is rewarding to be able to support our company, and in turn / indirectly - our community and the nation.” David Johnson ('80 CIVE), Reliability Leader (Refinery Engineer), Lemont, Ill. 


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