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“Engineers do help others and are today's problem solvers” Dale L. Plugge ('51 MECH), Engineering Mgr Duo Lift Mfg., Tran-Tec Corp. Columbus, Neb.

“As engineers, we have an obligation to give back to the profession in terms of time, energies and involvement. We should look at opportunities to participate (at the college and university level) as well as professional societies for the betterment of our chosen profession.” Raymond Rawe (’69 B.S. and ’71 M.S. CIVE; he also has an MBA from Rockhurst College) is Chief Engineer and Director of Engineering Services with the Port of Seattle, including SeaTac International Airport and the Seaport in Seattle, Wash.

“I love that as an engineer, I get to use both sides of the brain! To be a good engineer, you must exercise creativity and logic almost simultaneously.” Meghan Lyons (’06 ELEC), is an electrical engineer with Burns & McDonnell in Kansas City.

“Innovation is by far the most fun … taking new technology and turning it into usable capabilities.” Timothy Deaver (’85 ELEC), program manager for Commercially Hosted InfraRed Payload (CHIRP).

“I believe that engineering and medical sciences can work together to cure many diseases including cancer.” Brian Halla (’69 ELEC), retired president, CEO and chairman - National Semiconductor

“Imagine the world without computers, I-phones, B2 bombers, 787 composite airplanes, internet, GPS guided farm equipment, etc.--an engineer was involved in all these.” Arnold Bauer (’62 MECH), retired – Boeing Co.

“Working in aerospace engineering has been particularly rewarding -- especially seeing so much technology that was innovated for space and is now making our everyday lives so much better.” Gary Markley (’80 EET), is Launch Operations Manager with Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company at Vandenberg AFB in California

“Engineers are part of the innovations that drive the world forward. That's how engineers like us help the world and why I love being an engineer.” Chris Reznicek (’10 ELEC), works with UNL’s Raikes School of Computer Science and Management

“As an engineer I enjoyed working in many different countries with engineers with many cultural backgrounds.” Thomas Rich ('74 ELEC), retired refinery general manager for ConocoPhillips

“I really enjoy when a client such as a contractor or local person calls with a problem and I am able to advise them to a suitable sensible solution.” Scott A. Barnett(’04 CIVE), P.E. is a project engineer with Mid-State Engineering and Testing, Inc. in Columbus and Kearney.

“Engineering gives a unique perspective in medicine.  Engineers have to think logically, sort things out and find answers to problems.” David Fry ('72 CHME) M.D., retired, Stuart, Fla.


“When I design a product, it’s just like my baby. I enjoy working on the process from a rough concept idea on napkin to mass production, then finally when the product is put on the shelves in stores.” Weihua Ge (’07 M.S. IMSE) works as a design engineer with JL AUDIO Inc. in Miramar, Fla.

“Being an engineer gave me the opportunity to work with multiple companies and find environmental solutions for different industries.” Eric Sturm (’07 ELEC) is a senior consultant with Nebraska Air Quality Specialties

“I enjoy being an engineer because you get to help customers and the business solve problems with application of sound engineering practices.” Lyndon Jensen ('82 IMSE), Project Manager, John Deere, Moline, Ill.

“Every day is different. You are presented with different challenges each day whether it be the type or the phase of a project. It is extremely satisfying to carry a project through from an initial idea or need to the finished, well operating final product.” Kurt Ronnekamp ('89 CIVE), Project Manager, Black & Veatch Corporation, Kansas City, Mo.

“Engineering allows me to get into my flow: problem-solving with a team; taking a seemingly random world and turning it into a reproducible, controllable system. Using that skill to build things that make people's lives easier, better, more enjoyable.” Paul Bauer ('10 CSE), Software Engineer, Nebraska Global, Lincoln, Neb.

“My engineering degree from UNL has enabled my career to reach heights that I never expected. I can't wait to see where I go next with it.” Austen Bryan (’10 CSE) is  a systems engineer with the U.S. Air Force in Albuquerque, N.M.

“I do enjoy being an engineer … I am helping to make a product that serves people around the world and is a key component of their livelihood … In making changes that make tractors more efficient and decrease pollution we are benefiting everyone in the world, not just our agricultural consumers.” Marcus Kuhl (’11 AGEN), is a transmission design engineer for John Deere in Waterloo, Iowa

In “developing cost effective renewable energy projects, I'm now working to make facilities more energy efficient to save our natural resources and save people money.” Tom Svoboda (’90 MECH), is an energy manager with Booz Allen Hamilton at Scott AFB in Illinois.

“Great ideas can come from any quarter, but it takes engineering—with attention to detail—to develop the ideas into producible, reliable, serviceable and salable products. Such an achievement is very satisfying.” Arlie Thayer (’60 MECH), of Tinley Park, Ill. is retired from Panduit Corp. after 37 years there.

“The fun part is figuring out how the world around you works and finding new ways to make it better. Problem solving is just the beginning. We help make the world a better place through technology, techniques, and working with all sorts of people.”
Nate Lowry ('10 CSE), Software Guy, Nebraska Global, Lincoln, Neb.         


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