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CHME's Jacobberger named Goldwater Scholar

JacobbergerRobert Jacobberger, a Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering student from Omaha, earned a 2010 Goldwater Scholarship. The prestigious program awards approximately 300 scholarships per year throughout the nation to help develop highly qualified scientists, mathematicians, and engineers.

Jacobberger’s plans include gaining a Ph.D. and teaching at the university level. He already conducts research through UNL’s Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experiences (UCARE) program with Dr. Chin Li Cheung (Department of Chemistry) and Dr. Fereydoon Namavar (University of Nebraska Medical Center). They explore nanomaterials synthesis for incorporation into biomedical devices; one focus is surfaces for implants, specifically how to increase cell growth and decrease formation of harmful biofilms. He also pursues research on cold-field emission devices and solar cells, using electrical engineering lab facilities.

Jacobberger praised his engineering studies, which offer problem-solving skills and allow him to apply his broad interests in chemistry, physics and math. Honored by the Goldwater selection, he said, "I hope it will increase my opportunities and help me to attain my goals."

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