Engineering at Nebraska Fall09
From the Dean

dean allenPerhaps you've heard that the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is engaged in a $1.2 billion development campaign. This may seem like a bridge too far in these tough economic times, but it is my view that there could not be a better time for us to be involved in this campaign.

The state of Nebraska is no different from other states in America today. We are all experiencing significant contractions of our state budgets. This necessarily means that the cost of education to the families of our students" our future leaders, I might add" is too high. But in times of shrinking economies, education becomes even more important.

I am admittedly biased in my view, but I would say to you: look down through history and you will find the nations that educate the best lead the world. There is no better time to invest in the future of our country than now. For now we are facing perhaps the greatest challenge to this nation's technological advantages in our entire history. So the next time you are making a decision about where to invest, think of our nation's future. Think of UNL.

Dean Allen
-David H. Allen

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