Engineering at Nebraska, Spring 2009
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Young Engineering Faculty Travel to NSF

In March 2009, young faculty with Nebraska Engineering traveled to the National Science Foundation in Washington, D.C., to meet with NSF program officers and administrators. The annual trip is becoming a tradition organized by the College of Engineering's Office of Research, led by Associate Dean Namas Chandra.

Attending the trip were Song Ci, Tad Wysocki, and Yaoqing Yang, assistant professors, CEEN; Yasar Demirel, associate professor, CNST; Linxia Gu, assistant professor, MECH; Mustafa "Cenk" Gursoy and Wei Qiao, assistant professors, EE; Yusong Li, Anuj Sharma, and Xu Li, assistant professors, CIVE; Jung Yul Lim, assistant professor, ENGM; Terri Norton, assistant professor, CONE; and Shadi Othman, assistant professor, BSEN.