Engineering at Nebraska, Spring 2009
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Training the minds of tomorrow

Dean David H. AllenToday, I was going over the columns I have written for this publication, and I was struck by the wide range of topics covered. It caused me to stop and reflect.

I am now completing my seventh year as dean of the UNL College of Engineering. To use a hackneyed phrase, it seems like only yesterday I was starting this journey. And I won't pretend to you that it has been an easy road. What I will tell you is that it has been one of the most satisfying challenges of my entire professional career.

A lot of good things have happened in our college since I became dean. Among these is the acquisition of 48 new faculty over the past six years-some of the brightest minds in higher education in our nation today chose to come to our institution to further their professional careers. The depth of their skills is astonishing, but the breadth is truly beyond what I could ever have imagined. We have managed to attract engineers and scientists who are engaged in the development of myriad new technologies such as:

  • advanced biomedical drugs and delivery techniques
  • nano discoveries that will change surgical and telecommunications devices immeasurably
  • materials and materials processing technologies that will save lives of soldiers in battlefields

And I could go on and on. Just standing on the sidelines and participating in these profoundly intellectual challenges is a non-stop, high-speed rollercoaster ride, if you will, that leaves me exhausted at the end of every day. Exhausted, but satisfied. Worn out, perhaps, but reassured that these talented individuals will be training the minds of tomorrow, to lead the state of Nebraska, and beyond. One last thing: I am indeed a lucky guy.

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-David H. Allen

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