Engineering at Nebraska, Spring 2008
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Front and Center

Defense funding sponsors Nebraska Engineering projects

In late 2007, President George W. Bush signed a defense spending bill that included $31.3 million for Nebraska-related projects. University of Nebraska engineering programs are involved in several of the projects:

  • Bioceramic Bones for Battlefield Trauma ($1.6 million) - The university will use this funding to continue research and development of a material that can be used to construct bioceramic "bones" to treat orthopedic casualties suffered by U.S. soldiers. In addition to military uses, bioceramic bone has broad benefit to the greater public, who may experience severe bone damage due to osteoporosis or bone tumors.
  • High Energy Laser for Detection, Inspection and Non-destructive Testing ($5 million) - This funding will help develop and improve the performance of highenergy lasers and their ability to inspect the internal condition of jets and military hardware and detect cracks and defects.

  • Protection Against Improvised Explosive Devices ($4 million) - This funding will support research on new, advanced materials for use in producing lightweight vehicles and body armor that will be highly resistant to improvised explosive device (IED) blasts. Enhancing the safety of troops and vehicles is vital since IED blasts are the leading cause of injuries and deaths among American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.