Engineering at Nebraska, Spring 2008
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From the Dean

To engineer is ingenious

Engineering FlagPerhaps you didn't know, but the word "engineer" comes from the Latin "ingenium": to create. We at Nebraska Engineering believe very strongly that this is our main challenge in educating the engineers of tomorrow.

Just to illustrate this point, I'd like to talk to you today about our Power of Red flag. This shows the process whereby ideas for tomorrow are generated in our college.

Four years ago while on a trip to Brazil, I attended a soccer game. After each side scored, fans in the stands opened up enormous flags-the likes of which I'd never seen before. My immediate reaction was, "Why don't we have this at NU?"

Well, it took a couple of years, and a lot of efforts by a lot of people, but we succeeded at getting our flag made. For the past two years, our students have been waving it at opening ceremonies during Husker football home games.

This simple example is intended to let you know-we are not sitting still. We are creating ideas, every day, and those ideas have a mission: to make the Nebraska (and the world) of tomorrow a better place.

From small things that appear big like our Power of Red flag, to really, really big things that appear small-like the new nanofiber developments of Dr. Yuris Dzenis, R. Vernon McBroom Professor of Engineering Mechanics-we are creating the advances of tomorrow.

We invite you to join us in this exciting time for the College of Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

-David H. AllenNebraska Engineering