Engineering at Nebraska, Spring 2007
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from the dean

Rising Tuition Costs Put Pressure on Everyone
Perhaps the most important problem facing us in higher education in the United States today
is the cost of education. While the causes for this increasingly onerous development are arguable, there is one thing that cannot be denied—our students and their parents are being asked to shoulder an increasing financial burden in order to help them achieve the American dream.

Dean David H. Allen
Dean David H. Allen
photo: Tim Randall

Believe me, I know. I am the parent of one daughter who graduated from college last year and another who will graduate from college this year. One distressing development has been the recent addition of a $30 per credit hour fee for students enrolled in engineering courses. This fee has been made necessary by the difficulties we have faced in public education over the last decade. It would not have been possible to maintain the quality of our outstanding facilities without the addition of this fee. The average student in the college will pay about $1,500 in additional fees to obtain a baccalaureate degree from our college. We believe this additional expense will be returned to our graduates within the first few months of employment after graduation.

Education is expensive! But when you consider the alternative, there is little choice. Educational literature is replete with studies demonstrating inequivocally that higher education leads to a lifetime of greater financial remuneration for those lucky enough to accomplish such a feat. For me, the financial rewards have been nothing compared to the intellectual rewards.

We in the academic community at the University of Nebraska want you to know that we are absolutely committed to providing you and your loved ones an exceptional education at an affordable price. We are constantly engaged and seeking ways to decrease the cost of education without sacrificing the quality. For example, we are developing new means of providing affordable distance education and outreach. Furthermore, we are continuously seeking grant and scholarship money that will defray the cost of education for as many of our students as possible. The faculty and staff of the College of Engineering understand the responsibility that has been placed on us by you, the taxpayers, and we thank you for your continued support.


–David H. Allen