Nebraska Engineering Fall, 2005
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College Implements Shared Advising

Shared Advising Staff
From left, Jennier Nelson, Dennis Schulte, Ann Koopmann and John Ballard receive a $25,000 grant to create a model for advising in the College of Engineering.

John Ballard, associate dean of academics for the College of Engineering; Dennis Schulte, associate professor of biological systems engineering; Ann Koopmann, director of college relations; and Jennifer Nelson, advisor, General Studies, received a $25,000 Initiative for Teaching and Learning Award for their SAFE—Shared Advising for Engineers—proposal.

The project will implement a comprehensive, shared-advising model for the college, integrating existing advising and first-year class components with two new elements: student mentors and a Web-based portal for easily accessible advising information. A training program will be developed so every new student in the college will be assigned a peer mentor to guide him or her through the first three semesters of study at the university. Retention and attrition from the first through third semesters will be assessed. The net results should be increased breadth, depth and quality of student experience in content-coordinated first-year courses and improved retention and graduation rates of engineering students.

The ITLE projects, which are proposed by faculty and undergo a competitive review process, are funded by the University of Nebraska Foundation.