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Former Professor Dies

Russell Nelson

Russell Nelson, associate dean of graduate studies and Emeritus Professor in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, died March 15. Nelson, who taught at UNL for 31 years, was instrumental in getting the metallurgy program started at UNL.

Nelson spent 10 years as associate dean in graduate studies. According to a 1993 Contacts article, Nelson witnessed a real change in the College of Engineering. “I walked in (the classroom) and we had 10 female students in the room and I thought I was in the wrong building,” Nelson said.

A well-respected and admired professor, Nelson received eight teaching and service awards, including the Distinguished Teaching Award from UNL. The year he retired, 1992, he was elected a feln Russell Nelson low in the American Society of Engineering Education.

Nelson is survived by his wife, Dorothy, two children and grandchildren.