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On the Other Side of the World
A Change of Place
The Antelope Valley project will change the face of Lincoln–affecting downtown, traffic and the water management system.
Wild, Wild Wireless World
Wireless technology is an ideal way to remain connected with the world. One professor is working to protect it from exploration.
Engineering Helping Engineers
UNL researchers are working hard to make railway travel safer for everyone.
On the Other Side of the World
A visiting professor is finding engineering challenging as unlikely natural resources feel the energy squeeze.
If You Build It...
Government and businesses are turning to Radio Frequency Identification and UNL is on the forefront of this research.
Far Away Home
Extension professors divide their time between research and working with Nebraska's citizens on education and outreach.

Working Vacation Libby Jones, associate professor of civil engineering, spent her summer working and playing in Yellowstone National Park.

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