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College Remains Committed to Success and Growth

In many ways a University is like a business. We market a product and that product, if it’s good, serves those who invest in it. In our case, the University of Nebraska–Lincoln serves the state of Nebraska and the products we supply are the engineers of tomorrow. As you are probably aware, recent universities in the United States have been experiencing significant financial difficulties. For a variety of reasons, state governments are decreasing their share of the cost of operating universities. While this trend is cause for concern, we at the University of Nebraska are taking steps to ensure that you, the people of Nebraska, will continue to have a top-notch educational institute in the future.

One way we are maintaining the resource base for our institution is through the generous contributions of alumni and friends of UNL. Thanks to contributions by these concerned individuals and corporations, I am happy to tell you that the finances in the College of Engineering & Technology remain strong. Therefore, we owe these contributors a tremendous debt of thanks. And although there is no way to properly show our gratitude, we have taken one step in the right direction. I am proud to announce the recent unveiling of the College of Engineering & Technology Wall of Honor located in the atrium of Othmer Hall. This marvelous high-tech, metal and glass structure pays tribute to the dedication and commitment that has allowed the college to continue to excel in a highly competitive market.

Lest we forget that our students and faculty are the fundamental underpinnings of education, I would be remiss if I did not mention that the Wall also honors faculty and students who have received college and university awards. On behalf of our faculty, students and staff, I invite you to stop by and visit the new College of Engineering & Technology Wall of Honor.

Dean David Allen