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Spring 2003


ITS Partnering Pays Off

Intelligent Transportation Systems combine computer and wireless technologies to provide more efficient traffic flow and streamlined services.

Tiny Neutron Detector Has Huge Potential

A highly sensitive, hand-held neutron detection device developed by UNL researchers has numerious scientific and research applications.

Engineering is Music to Her Ears

Why do you feel surrounded by the music in a concert hall? Lily Wang seeks to add to the scientific knowledge base of architectual acoustics.

Jay Forrester: Designing the Future

“Everything I have ever done has converged to become system dynamics,” says electrical engineering alumnus Jay Forrester, whose work has won international acclaim.

Fast and Furious

Mechanical engineering alumnus Rob Downing has always loved speed. As crew chief for one of the country’s best pro drag racers, he says “the real attraction is the competition to make better equipment than the other guy.”


Sleeping on the job
Just how does sleep - or lack of sleep - affect workers? Terry Stentz, Construction Management, and a group of researchers from Harvard and the University of Nebraska Medical Center examine the connections between sleep habits and productivity. Look for the story in the next issue of Contacts

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