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Right place, right time; Yulia Tyukhova; Fulbright Fellow Yulia Tyukhova left Moscow for UNL's Architectural Engineering program Yulia Tyukhova pic

Tyukhova said she’s open to new experiences. As a teenager during her father’s Fulbright experience, her family lived near the University of Oregon, and she had previously lived in the greater Washington, D.C. area where she first experienced the American lifestyle. In Nebraska she has ventured to rodeos in Hastings and Omaha and marveled, “I never thought I would meet real cowboys!” Waters praised Tyukhova's love of learning and her enjoyment of Nebraska culture.

Following her Fulbright experience Tyukhova may pursue her Ph.D. or work as lighting designer. “I want to use my creative ideas to design and present for different spaces.” She previously worked part-time for Philips Lighting Russia while finishing her master's degree.

As the first Fulbright Scholar placed with DSAEC's Architectural Engineering program, Tyukhova said, “I am enjoying my experience here. It feels like I’m in the right place at the right time.”

Where should a brilliant lighting designer go for her Fulbright experience? The committee that determines such placements reviewed Yulia Tyukhova’s application and placed her at UNL’s Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction. Her two-year commitment at The Durham School has her working with Dale Tiller and Clarence Waters, architectural engineering professors who specialize in lighting.

It’s an honor for any organization to host a Fulbright Scholar, but Tyukhova is just as excited about this opportunity. She’s a second-generation Fulbright Scholar; her father, a professor who specializes in solar renewable energy, suggested she study lighting engineering, which she discovered she loved.

“It’s a unique combination of engineering and art,” Tyukhova said. “You have to calculate different engineering criteria of lighting and also think about the aesthetics of it: visual perception and how people would feel in this type of space.” She gained her bachelor’s and master’s degrees, both in lighting engineering, from Moscow Power Engineering Institute, where she participated in a variety of projects.

“I really like spaces with unusual architecture,” said Tyukhova, “although for many projects it may be the usual space but the lighting can make it unusual, creative.”

Based at The Peter Kiewit Institute in Omaha, she is stimulated by a community that’s “very friendly, with lots of lighting design focus.”

“I am learning American standards and criteria for lighting,” she said. She was inspired by attending a lighting conference in Denver this fall, where she met many U.S. professionals.

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