Engineering at Nebraska, Spring 2008
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Nebraska Engineering Gains NSF Funding to Augment Scholarships

Nearly $600,000 in grant funds from the National Science Foundation's Undergraduate Education Division will create 89 additional scholarships for underrepresented students during the next four years at the college.

The funding will establish a Students United in Classes, Community, Engineering, Service and Study Abroad (SUCCESS) program.

The SUCCESS Scholars Program offers competitive scholarships and academic/ career-building support activities--including opportunities to study abroad and conduct undergraduate research--to academically talented, economically disadvantaged students from underrepresented populations, rural communities, and Nebraska's six community colleges who pursue an engineering degree at the college, according to Andre Fortune, Nebraska Engineering's director of recruiting and retention, who will help administer the program. The college has made widespread gains in community-building programs through a new students' camp, residence hall learning community, freshman and sophomore seminars, peer mentoring, mid-semester checkpoints and study abroad programs. New advances will include the development of faculty mentoring, a SUCCESS study center, and emphasis on service opportunities with college and campus activities. SUCCESS scholarships will go to 11 freshmen, 30 continuing students, 12 transfer students, 16 students pursuing study abroad, and 20 students seeking research fellowships.