Engineering at Nebraska, Spring 2008
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Bright Lights Shine

Bright LightsIn mid-July, 24 middle school students sampled a brilliant buffet of engineering feats and treats at the College of Engineering. This 12th year of Lincoln's Bright Lights program at the college might have been themed "design and conquer," as it served up classic science curriculum (building edible cars) with a few new twists (soldering "lie detectors" From small circuits).

Throughout the week, the budding scientists posed questions to professors and grinned with grad students over the successes and failures of robots tying shoelaces. The youngsters stacked their own food pyramids during a day focused on agricultural and biological systems engineering, and their oohs and ahhs echoed during tours of the supercomputer complex and transportation crash test site.

Bright Lights lived up to its name by illuminating several subjects: from Nebraska-born electrical engineer Harold Edgerton's strobe method photography to the intense colors of infrared imaging.