Nebraska Engineering Fall, 2005
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front and center :

Stephanie Adams, assistant dean of research and associate professor of industrial and management systems engineering, was selected to participate in the National Academy of Engineering's 12th annual Frontiers of Engineering symposium at the Ford Research and Innovation Center in Dearborn, Mich. The symposium brought together engineers ages 30 to 45 who are performing cutting-edge engineering research and technical work in a variety of disciplines. Adams was one of 81 participants chosen from a pool of nearly 200 applicants, which included representatives from industry, academia and government.

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers recognized UNL faculty at its annual meeting in Portland, Ore. Rick Koelsch received an ASABE Presidential Citation for his work in developing standards in manure production and characteristics. Koelsch also received Blue Ribbon honors for a bulletin he co-authored, "Agricultural Environment Management Systems." Roger Hoy, director of the Tractor Test Lab, received a Presidential Citation. Alejandro Amézquita, Lijun Wang and Curtis Weller received a Superior Paper award for their paper, "Finite Element Modeling and Experimental Validation of Cooling Rates of Large Ready-to-Eat Meat Products in Small Meat Processing Facilities." Suat Irmak, Derrel Martin and Jose Payero received the Blue Ribbon award for their NebGuide, "Using Modified Atmometers (ET gage) for Irrigation Management." Ayse Irmak received honorable mention for a paper she co-authored, "Evaluation of the CROPGRO-Soybean Model for Assessing Climate Impacts on Regional Soybean Yields." Laverne Stetson received honorable mention for a paper she co-authored, "Water, Feed, and Milk Production Response to Dairy Cattle Exposed to Transient Currents."

An article by Dennis Alexander, electrical engineering, was featured in the July 24 issue of "Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science and Technology." Jitender Deogun also contributed to the piece, "Demonstration of a nanoparticle-based optical diode." The Virtual Journal is published by the American Institute of Physics.

John Woollam, electrical engineering, was named a fellow of the American Vacuum Society. AVS is a nonprofit group that promotes communication, research and education of the applications of vacuums and other controlled environments.

Hendrik Viljoen, chemical and biomolecular engineering, was appointed to the editorial board of "Computational Biology & Chemistry."

Thirty-four faculty members have service anniversaries in 2006. They were honored at a university-wide ceremony in September.

30 Years of Service
-William Holmes, construction systems; Keith Pedersen, construction systems; Roger Sash, computer and electronics engineering; and Rodney Soukup, electrical engineering.

25 Years
-Jitender Deogun, computer science and engineering; Natale Ianno, electrical engineering; and Paul Jasa, biological systems engineering.

20 Years
-John Paul Barton, mechanical engineering; Avery Schwer, construction systems; and Hamid Sharif-Kashani, computer and electronics engineering.

15 Years
-Edward Terence Foster, construction systems; Hong Jiang, computer science and engineering; Hossein Noureddini, chemical engineering; Terry Stentz, construction management; and , biological systems engineering.

10 Years
-Charles Berryman, construction management; Elizabeth Jones, civil engineering; Lim Nguyen, computer and electronics engineering; Lance Pérez, electrical engineering; Cho Wing To, mechanical engineering; and Christopher Tuan, civil engineering.

Five Years
-Florin Bobaru, engineering mechanics; Bruce Fischer, construction management; Wayne Jensen, construction management; Donald Nelson, chemical engineering; Jeffrey Shield, mechanical engineering; Jayanta Sinha, chemical engineering; Leen-Kiat Soh, computer science and engineering; Richard Stowell, biological systems engineering; Anu Subramanian, chemical engineering; Stephen Swanson, chemical engineering; Vinodchandran Variyam, computer science and engineering; and Xinwei Wang, mechanical engineering.

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