Nebraska Engineering Fall, 2005
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front and center:
Ballard Returning to Classroom:
Dr. Ballard
Dr. John Ballard
photo: Ashley Washburn
Few students have graduated without spending time with John Ballard. To many, especially undergraduates, the associate dean is like another adviser, giving career advice and helping students figure out how to meet graduation requirements. But after 13 years as an administrator, Ballard decided it was time to teach again. In August 2007, he will be a professor in the Department of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering. Ballard said he made his decision after much deliberation. In an Aug. 21 letter to faculty, staff and students, he wrote: "I want to thank the faculty and staff for the continued support and encouragement that I received during my tenure as associate dean. Finally, to the students and alumni of the college–YOU ARE THE BEST, and you made my job the most enjoyable at the university. "I am truly excited about returning to my role of professor of industrial and management systems engineering. Creation and the dissemination of knowledge is most rewarding. One of my colleagues says being a college professor is probably the best job in the world. I agree." The announcement surprised Laura Podany, a junior biological systems engineering major. "My reaction was that this is a great asset we're losing, but I'm glad he's staying with the college," Podany said.
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