Nebraska Engineering Fall, 2005
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Grants Over $200,000:
Fiscal Year 2007, First Quarter

  • Hong Jiang, National Science Foundation, "SAM2 Toolkit: Scalable & Adaptive Metadata Management for High-End Computing," $602,326.
  • Ashok Samal, National Science Foundation, "Building Knowledge Discovery & Information Fusion Tools for Collaborative Systems to Adaptively Manage Uncertain Hydrological Resources," $452,100.
  • Michael Meagher, Proteon Therapeutics, "Purification of proPRT- 201," $404,362; Syngenta, "Optimization of Phytase Production in Pichia Pastoris," $372,874.
  • Terry Stentz, Department of Transportation-Federal Railroad Administration, "Human Factors in Railway Operations," $301,250.
  • David Swanson, National Science Foundation, "MRI: Acquisition of Affordable Shared-Memory Computing & Scalable Storage for Scientists & Engineers," $300,000.
  • Yuris Dzenis, National Science Foundation, "Modeling- Based Control of Electrospinning Process," $275,000; NSF, "Nanoengineered Interfaces," $250,002.
  • Yongfeng Lu, National Science Foundation, "Self-Integration of Carbon- Nanotube Sensors in Functional Integrated Circuits," $240,000; NSF, "MRI: Development of Multifunctional Nanoscale Measurement System," $220,000.
  • Ronald Faller, Nebraska Department of Roads, "Development of a New Precast Concrete Bridge Railing System (2006-08)," $229,820.
  • Stephen Platt, Department of Health and Human Services- National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, "In Vivo Robotic Camera System for Laparoscopic Surgery," $215,525.
  • Scott Henninger, National Science Foundation, "Ontology-Based Software Patterns," $199,993.
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