Nebraska Engineering Fall, 2005
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Kulik Remembered As Tough, Enthusiastic:

Thad Kulik
Thad Kulik
photo: Courtesty of University Communications

Retired Assistant Professor Thad Kulik passed away July 30. Kulik retired in 2004 after 25 years at the university and taught courses in communications and electronics design. He had an instrumental role in establishing an exchange program with German universities.

Bing Chen, chair of the Department of Computer and Electronics Engineering, described Kulik as a survivor. Most of Kulik's family was lost during World War II "under grim circumstances," Chen said. Kulik lived through communism and Germany's invasion of Poland. After graduating from a technical college in West Berlin, he emigrated and later became a U.S. citizen in 1992. Chen said Kulik was about 80 years old when he died, although no one is certain because his birth record was lost during the war and he didn't mention his age.

Chen said few people were aware of Kulik's background and knew him as an energetic person who cared deeply about his students and had high expectations of them.

Kulik is survived by his wife, Ann Brownell Kulik; son, Paul Kulik; daughters and sons-in-law: Alina and Erik Graedener, Magdalena and Chris Grossman; and two grandchildren.

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