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ITLE Awards

Recently, several members of the college received recognition from the university through the Initiative for Teaching and Learning Excellence. In a speech, Chancellor Perlman said, “While research can be measured in dollars, ultimately our teaching success is measured by how well we help our students achieve their full potential...The tragedy of wasting even one mind should compel us to continue to devote our energies to achieve even higher levels of student learning and success.”

The new Initiative on Teaching and Learning was funded by a grant of $427,000 from the University of Nebraska Foundation. Perlman said he intends to secure additional funding. The goal is to support projects related to selective implementation of the recommendations of the Transitions to the University Task Force report or for such other activities relating to undergraduate education.

“All of us at the university have an opportunity and a responsibility to help make sure students are better when they leave than when they enter. We hope to support these efforts wherever we find them,” Perlman said.

Recipients of the ITLE awards are listed below. For the complete story, go to

National Internet Repository for Course Portfolios

Paul Savory, IMSE; Amy Goodburn, English; Amy Burnett, History: $24,820

The grant will expand the current effort to include creation of a national Internet repository or archive that will store and facilitate
the distribution and external review of electronic faculty course portfolios. The project objective is to create a process for having course portfolios recognized as a high-quality, evidence-based measure of teaching effectiveness.

Greening the Curriculum: Ecological Literacy in the Built Environment

Nathan Krug, Architecture; Duncan Case, Interior Design; Kevin Houser, AE; Bruce Fischer, CM; Kip Hulvershorn, Community and Regional Planning: $25,000

The grant will promote and provide the integration of principles
of sustainability and “green building and development” in multiple disciplines. The grant also will set up a framework and expertise to provide university-wide, as well as continuing education, in the area of sustainability in relation to the built environment. The mission of the task force, composed of the co-authors listed above, will be to identify a set of shared courses from the five programs that would benefit from the integration of green building and development practices.

Team-Learning Assessment in a Multi-Disciplinary Project

Tim Wentz, Bruce Fischer, CM; Stuart Bernstein, CS: $4,505

The grant will be used to further integrate team-based learning with a service-learning component into an interdisciplinary course. Students will work on upgrading a former church into a space for The Meeting Place, a nonprofit organization that focuses on people with alcohol and drug addictions. The project is ideal because it offers a challenge for both architectural and construction management students to adapt the building for a new, multipurpose use.

Development of an Interactive Classroom for Freshman CoET Students

James Goedert, CS: $35,000

The college won funding to convert the Construction Systems Computer-Aided Design/Engineering Graphics computer laboratory into an interactive teaching center primarily for freshmen and sophomores in the program. The funds will be applied
toward phase two of this project. The converted classroom will have a permanent instructor station and interactive media. Equipment purchased will include a Smart Board, three projectors,
three retractable projection screens and a control center built into a podium.