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"The Most Important Player"

Dale Endorf, No. 32, kicks a 49-yard field goal in the 2002 NU/Colorado game.

For “Engineers on the Gridiron,” you failed to include the most important player!! But I’m prejudiced. I’m only his father. Not only that, but I’ve got two degrees in engineering from UNL, in 1965 (B.S.) and 1967 (M.S.). I’m talking about Dale Endorf. We always enjoy your excellent magazine and look forward to it. Both children are now at UNL. Dale has 12 more credits to obtain before his electrical engineering degree. Dora has 51 credits after her first year at UNL (counting what she already obtained in high school.) She is on scholarship in the College of Journalism. We are members of the Kansas Cornhuskers—Wichita, Kan. You have a wonderful new office building. I was invited to the dedication of the Wall of Fame and the UNL Foundation Awards banquet in April. I’m within a year of retirement at Boeing and starting our Bed and Breakfast in Nebraska.
Thanks for your time!

Donovan Endorf

Thank you for your warm letter. We are always thrilled to hear of an alumnus and his family doing so well. As for your son, “the most important player,” were it not for the limitations of space we would have included every football engineer who has passed through these hallways. Nonetheless, Dale will always be remembered, both by Nebraska Engineering and Husker fans the world over, for his 49-yard field goal in the third quarter when NU played Colorado in 2002. Dale is clearly blessed with both a strong mind and a strong leg. Thank you for reminding us of that.