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College Remains Committed to Success and Growth

With this issue, you’ll notice our magazine looks a little different. The magazine you’ve known for 18 years as Contacts, is now Engineering @ Nebraska. Because we are a part of the University of Nebraska, we know just how important tradition is and put a lot of thought into making this change. In the end, we decided Engineering @ Nebraska was a more appropriate name for two reasons: It shows a commitment to engineering at the College, University and state levels, and it puts the name Nebraska in front of thousands of people who aren’t necessarily affiliated with the College of Engineering & Technology.

This issue also officially introduces you to the new Biological Process Development Facility (BPDF) and its director, Dr. Michael Meagher. I believe you will find this article interesting and enlightening as Dr. Meagher’s efforts represent the cutting edge of research in the United States.

The BPDF is part of a larger initiative underway within the University of Nebraska system that has a significant component in the College of Engineering & Technology. I’m speaking of the biomedical engineering program that currently is under development. Thus far, we have hired three new faculty in this area: Dr. Anu Subramanian, chemical engineering; Dr. Greg Bashford, Biological Systems Engineering; and Dr. Bill Velander, chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering.

Dr. Velander comes to us from Virginia Tech and represents a significant new direction for our College. He will be a guiding force as we expand our educational and research programs in the emerging field of biomedical engineering. Improvements in engineered pharmaceuticals, tissue engineering, surgical implants and surgical devices will profoundly affect all of us in the 21st Century. Through the BPDF and the new biomedical engineering program, the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and the College of Engineering & Technology will play a vital role for Nebraskans.

Dean David Allen