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Rosenow selected as honoree

John Rosenow, AgE ’71, has been selected as one of five 2001 Master’s Week honorees by the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Rosenow is president of The National Arbor Day Foundation.

The Master’s Week program, sponsored jointly by the Alumni Association and the Chancellor’s office, is designed to involve outstanding alums with current students and faculty through class visits and special activities. More than 200 alumni have participated in Master’s Week since its inception in 1964.

For more information on Master’s Week events,
go to <www.unl.edu/alumni>.

From your Alumni Board

I’ve been given the duty and honor of leading the Engineering Alumni Board. This is a bit daunting, especially after the tremendous leadership of Kevin Schneider, Rob Nickolaus and Bill Ramsey, among others. Just look at the shape we’re in:

• The Engineering Alumni Fund for Academic Excellence has surpassed our initial goal.
• Our golf outing, football reunions and other social functions are growing at a phenomenal rate.
• The “Celebration of Excellence,” our annual awards banquet, is growing and is more focused than ever.
• We have an enthusiastic board and a fantastic staff in the college who work with us to help accomplish our goals.
• Othmer Hall is expected to open its doors next year.
• The foundation growth for the entire university has blown all expectations out of the water.

We can be very proud of these achievements, but we could — and need to — be doing more.

We can have stronger links to old college friends, more corporate sponsors during E-Week and at college career fairs, and hire more interns from the college.

We also can seek more and better opportunities to link our businesses with the college, more ways to encourage top-notch high school kids to study here, more ways to get tuition breaks and scholarships for our kids when they come here … You get the drift.

As engineers, it’s not in our character to sit back and watch things happen. We’re the ones who make things happen.

The Engineering Alumni Board is a great tool, but we need your input and your help to do the best job we can. Send us your ideas and your comments. Get involved! You can make a difference.

—Matt Stryson, ’81, ’85
President, Engineering Alumni Board

2001–2002 Engineering Alumni Board Members
President Matt Stryson, ’81, ’85
Past President Kevin Schneider, ’85
National Board Rep Jeffrey K. Lewis, ’90, ’92
President-Elect John Matras, ’75
Secretary Gretchen Livingston, ’96
Treasurer Sarah Macklin, ’98
Alumni Assn Liaison Kristi Routh, ’97
Members Ron Ferry, ’70
Dan Jameson, ’84
Joel Macklin, ’98
Rob Nickolaus, ’93
Bill Splinter, ’50
Henry Wulf, ’53
Jeff Zvolanek, ’86


Carl O. Lundquist, EE ’68, San Jose, Calif., Feb. 27, 2001. Lundquist was program manager for Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Ralph A.J. Siemers, ME ’42, Plainfield, Ind., Dec. 17, 200.

Ken “Andy” Anderson, ChemE ’35, April 6, 2001. Anderson arrived at UNL during the Depression, studying chemical engineering with Professor Avery of Avery Hall fame. After serving as a commissioned officer with the U.S. Naval Reserve in the South Pacific, he was hired by Phillips Petroleum Co. as their chief chemist. Anderson moved into management and enjoyed a 40-year career with the firm. After his wife, Edna, died in 1993, Anderson created an endowed student fellowship and scholarship fund for chemical engineering students.

Alumnus teaches business in Moldova

Rod Pejsar wanted to get involved with “something” after retiring from a computer systems company he founded in the late 1980s.

Last fall, he headed to Moldova to teach business practices to the people of the former communist country.

The landlocked country is mostly agricultural and lacks the civil and telecommunications infrastructure of more developed nations. Moldova’s unemployment rate is less than two percent, Pejsar says, but wages are pitifully small. Homes are modern-looking with electricity but no running water. With a population of 4.5 million, there are only half a million phones throughout the country. “Getting in at the grass roots is where we need to help,” he says.

Pejsar received a M.S. in mechanical engineering in 1971 and Ph.D. in industrial engineering in 1975, both from UNL. Contact him at <rpejsar@yahoo.com>.
Source: Satellite Beach Orbiter

Alumni Award Recipients

Congratulations to the following award recipients who were recognized at the College’s spring banquet in April.

Outstanding Alumnus Award
Bob Seidell, CivE ’65, is president and CEO of Johnson Controls, Inc. Seidell has held management positions with IBM and is the former president of M&I Data Services. He serves on the First Commerce Technologies Board in Lincoln, the University of Wisconsin-Madison Advisory Council on Management Information Systems and the Goodwill Industries Business Advisory Council.

Outstanding Alumnus Award
LeRoy Thom, AgE ’49, founded the T-L Irrigation Co. in 1955 in Hastings. The firm has developed numerous irrigation innovations including corner pivots and quick tow machines. Formerly chair of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Thom has served on the boards of several banks. He was on the Hastings College Board of Trustees and the NU Board of Regents Agriculture 2001 committee. Thom earned an award from the American Society of Agricultural Engineers for outstanding contributions to engineering and Nebraska agriculture.

Distinguished Corporate Service Award
For several years, Black & Veatch has consistently hired graduates and interns and offered students financial assistance through its scholarship program. They have hosted a visit by the Engineering Freshman Learning Community, participated in mock interviews, and encouraged alumni who work for the company to participate in college career fairs. A global engineering and construction firm, Black & Veatch specializes in energy, water and information technology. The Kansas City-based firm has more than 90 offices worldwide.

Distinguished Service Award
Lester Krogh, ChemE ’45, is Senior Vice President for Research & Development at 3M. He earned a master’s degree from NU and a doctorate from the University of Minnesota. Krogh is an active volunteer for NU and the College of Engineering & Technology. He is a member of the American Chemical Society, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, the Minnesota Academy of Science and several fraternal organizations. In 1987, Krogh was elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

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