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Woollam Fellowship Winners

The UNL College of Engineering has announced the winners of the 2010 J.A. Woollam Graduate Fellowships. This year's recipients are electrical engineering students Masoud Mahjouri-Samani and Craig Zulke.

Woollam Fellowships are funded through the generosity of John A. Woollam, the George Holmes Distinguished Professor in UNL's Department of Electrical Engineering. Woollam also founded Lincoln's J.A. Woollam Company, which specializes in spectroscopic ellipsometry.

Nebraska Engineering professors nominate outstanding students for the Woollam Fellowship. Recipients gain significant funding toward their UNL tuition for the academic year ahead.

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Alex Boosalis is a graduate student in the UNL Department of Electrical Engineering. He works with the group focusing on ellipsometry.
Nguyen Thao Nguyen
Nguyen Thao Nguyen earned her bachelor of science in biological systems engineering at UNL. She is currently in a dual master degree program to pursue a master of science in Engineering Mechanics from UNL, and a master of science in Materials Engineering from University of Rouen, France.  Her current project is with a collaboration of the two universities to explore the relationship between mechanical stimulations and exerted electrical conductivities of biomaterials such as polymers. She is working under supervision of Dr. Carl Nelson from the Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering.
Sam Way
Sam Way gained his bachelor of science degrees in computer engineering and electrical engineering at UNL. During his undergraduate career, he worked as a research assistant for Dr. Khalid Sayood with the Department of Electrical Engineering. Now pursuing a master's degree, Sam continues his work with Dr. Sayood, researching metagenomic fragment classification and assembly techniques.
Craig Zuhlke
Craig Zulke
grew up in Neligh, Nebraska and earned his bachelor of science in electrical engineering at UNL. This included two years as a UCARE student with Dr. Dennis Alexander, on a project that created all-optical communication devices using nanoparticles. Now pursuing a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, he continues to work with Dr. Alexander, researching the effects of femtosecond laser ablation of surfaces to increase electrodes' area and develop a competitive ultracapacitor.

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