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Engineering: Faculty/Staff Resources

Miscellaneous Expense Reimbursement

Effective May 9, 2011

To provide clarification of employee expense items eligible for repayment by the College of Engineering.  This policy addresses payment from state aided, revolving, grant funds and auxiliary funds.  Appropriate foundation funds may be used if the purpose keeps within the gift restrictions.  This procedure mirrors UNL’s policy on reimbursement.

There are situations where an item must be purchased but standard options for purchases ~ purchasing card (P-Card) or direct bill are not viable.  In those cases, an employee may submit a request for expense reimbursement to the college.  Such a request will be processed and the employee will be reimbursed if the item is deemed an appropriate business expense. 


All requests for reimbursement must be submitted on the non-travel expense reimbursement form found on UNL’s website.    Requests for reimbursement must include the original itemized receipt (credit card statements are not acceptable), the date of the purchase and the business reason for the purchase.  All forms require department chair approval and Dean (or his designee) approval.  Forms must be received in the fiscal services department within 14 days of the purchase to qualify for reimbursement.   Payment will, in most cases, be received within 45 days of submission of the reimbursement form.   Employees are expected to use good judgment in all decisions, and to be prudent and reasonable with university funds.    

The following is a list of items ineligible for reimbursement from general appropriations, revolving or auxiliary funds. Use of grant and Foundation funds is appropriate only if allowed by the parameters of the grant or the endowment:

  • Employee meals (includes meals while work is being conducted) when employee is not in travel status
  • Employee recognitions (includes gifts, cards, flowers, etc.)
  • Retirement receptions
  • Department receptions and meetings with no external speaker
  • Faculty or staff meetings with no external speakers
  • Research grant receptions
  • Secretary’s Day events
  • Refrigerators, microwave ovens, coffee pots, etc., for use in lounges and break rooms 
  • Food utensils and other supplies
  • Departmental candy jars
  • Soda pop
  • Bottled water and cooler rental

In addition, the Dean of the College of Engineering (or his designee) has the right to refuse reimbursement for any item considered excessive or inappropriate.  If an employee is unsure about a purchase qualifying for reimbursement, they may contact Fiscal Services at 402-472-5259 for verification.