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Engineering: Faculty/Staff Resources

Grant Submission

Effective May 9, 2011

This procedure will assist in the success of proposals for external funding by outlining parameters for completion and review.

Grant proposal submissions are a critical component of faculty responsibilities.  It is imperative that submissions are done in such a way as to allow a quality product to be submitted which presents the principal investigator’s ideas and budget  and also allows the college to manage their commitment to the granting entity.   Structured review will help to meet this requirement; therefore the procedure below outlines the preparation and submittal of grant proposals.


The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) recommends the principal investigator consult with the department chair and secures the chair's support for the project at least three months in advance.   The principal investigator commits to a timeline in which a complete draft of the proposal will be completed one month before the submission date.

At least two calendar weeks prior to the submission date, the PI forwards a completed budget proposal to the Grants Manager – Pre Award.  This includes a detailed budget, any proposed cost share, and a validated plan for funding any cost share amounts. The Grants Manager reviews and certifies the proposal.

The completed proposal is submitted to Office of Sponsored Programs at least 48 hours before the deadline as outlined in OSP’s procedures. 

Any grant which does not meet these time lines may be held for administrative review by the Dean and may not be forwarded for submission.