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Engineering: Faculty/Staff Resources

Departmental Payment of Graduate Studies Application Fee on Behalf of Students

Effective May 9, 2011

The following procedure details the steps required to make payment of Graduate Studies application fees on behalf of prospective graduate students.

Departments may not use State Appropriated Funds to pay student application fees or tuition. Most Sponsored Project funds do not allow the direct charging of these types of expenses. Contact EAS with any questions related to the allowability of these costs.

GL Account Posting Form

The payment should be made to Graduate Studies at the same time the student applies. Submit the completed form to EAS keeping a copy for your files.

1. Complete the GL Account Posting Form.
  • This will be an Internal Charge. Mark the appropriate box on the form.
  • The debit (expense) will be to your appropriate cost object (see Restrictions above) using the GL Account 562200 – College Training.
  • The credit (revenue) side will be to cost object 21 9910 0013 using GL Account 442310 – Application Fees – Graduate.
  • Provide the Student name and ID (not SSN) on each line of the entry. Note: If making payments for multiple students, a separate two-sided entry is required for each student.
  • Provide an appropriate explanation in the space provided on the form.

2. Obtain departmental signature from either the Chair or Graduate Coordinator.
3. Route to EAS for College approval and entry.
4. Maintain departmental files.
  • Allow three working days processing time.
  • Log on to SAP to obtain transaction number.
  • Write transaction number in space provided on file copy form.