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Engineering: Faculty/Staff Resources

Procedures 01 - Proposal Routing Procedure

Effective May 9, 2011

Extramural Funding Policies & Procedures

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln requires that all proposals for extramurally funded projects be approved by the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR). The AOR for UNL is in the Sponsored Programs, Pre-Award office. Proposals should not be submitted to Sponsored Programs prior to proper review at the Departmental and College levels. The following procedures are intended as a guide to ensure proposals are properly routed.

The AOR, in general, will not submit proposals that have not been properly routed through NUgrant.

College Proposal Routing Procedure

Principle Investigators (PIs) are responsible for preparing and arranging the content of project proposals in accordance with sponsor requests for proposals and/or grant application guidelines. This procedure applies to both Lincoln and Omaha faculty.

  • All CoE proposals must be routed though NUgrant, UNL's electronic research administration system.
  • All proposal routing should be completed at least two working days prior to the sponsor deadline date.
  • Completed means that the routing has been approved by the college and received by the Office of Sponsored Programs.
  • Request for matching/cost share should be forwarded to the Office of the Associate Dean for Research via Toni Howard, or call 402-472-5600 at least two weeks prior to the sponsor deadline. Any requests for matching/cost share should be forwarded to Toni prior to routing via NUgrant.

At a minimum, the following must be included to route the proposal for internal CoE approval via NUgrant.

  1. an abstract or executive summary
  2. a detailed budget
  3. a budget narrative sufficient to identify the need and nature of the funds requested
  4. any forms requiring signatures
  5. any sponsor policy capping F&A rates or requiring matching or cost-share commitments
  6. draft of full text of the proposal, whenever possible

Electronic Routing - (NUgrant)

NUgrant is an electronic research administration system to track sponsored program proposals (grants and contracts) throughout the proposal cycle and provide data and reports for administrative decision making.  This replaces the hardcopy signature routing form.  Notifications to the authorized approvers are communicated via email.

NUgrant authorized approvers in the College of Engineering include:

  1. Department chair
  2. Director of Engineering Administrative Services (EAS)
  3. Associate Dean for Research

See NUgrant quick reference info.

Disclosure of Interest (DOI)

All individuals with interactions or proposed interactions involving federal, state and not-for-profit entities falling under the UNL Conflict of Interest (COI) policy are required to complete a generic DOI form.  The purpose of the generic DOI is to divulge any potential conflicts of interest between an individual and a federal, state or not-for-profit entity.

All individuals with interactions or proposed interactions involving a for-profit entity falling under the COI policy are required to complete a project-specific DOI form, one for each entity.  The purpose of the generic DOI is to divulge any potential conflicts of interest between an individual and a for-profit entity.

Note:  Disclosures are required, per the Board of Regents COI policy, whether or not they involve a sponsored research activity

See COI quick reference info.

Proposal Development Assistance

Assistance with proposal development can be obtained through the college's Office of the Associate Dean for Research. Faculty members are urged to seek proposal development assistance as early as possible prior to submission deadlines.

Proposal Budgets

Budgets should follow the sponsor requirements. See UNL's Offie of Research Preparing Proposals page for basic information and budget templates. Please refer to the Sponsored Programs webpages for current rates and institutional information. All proposal budgets are reviewed by the Director of Business and Finance via the NUgrant routing system in order to obtain Dean's Office approval.

Budget Development Assistance

Assistance with budget development and agency procedures and forms should be directed to Engineering Administrative Services (EAS).  For optimal assistance, investigators should provide the requests for budget assistance at least five working days prior to the sponsor deadline date.  The following budget form is provided with all formulas entered with the latest fringe and F&A rates. College Budget Form.  Any requests made after the five day window will be dealt with on a first come first serve basis with the possibility of limited or no assistance. 

Internally-Funded Proposal Procedures

All UNL internally-funded proposals (i.e. Layman Awards, Strategic Cluster Grants, etc.) must have Dean's office approval/signature before submission. Please do not route internally- funded proposals through NUgrant.  If the proposal guidelines do not provide a cover sheet for signatures, please use this CoE form for signature approval:

All other services provided by the college will remain the same as extramurally funded projects.