Research Conducted by Durham School Director, Eddy Rojas

Safety Inspector

Safety Inspector, a 3D video game, provides a comprehensive safety training environment in which students assume the roles of safety inspectors and walk the game site to identify potential hazards.

Activity Gazer

Project failure often arises from a flawed or delayed perception regarding the discrepancies between planned and actual performance; for this reason, project managers constantly seek better methods of capturing, processing, and presenting the complexity of multi-dimensional project data.

Alternative Futures

Prediction of project performance is complex given the multiple interrelated variables involved in the process. Multiple scenarios, based on different assumptions, decisions, and actions, can be developed to generate possible alternative futures representing potential outcomes. The prediction and visualization of alternative futures can be a helpful tool to project managers during their decision-making processes.

Labor Productivity

Optimal labor productivity is the highest productivity achievable in the field on a sustainable basis under good management and typical field conditions. This productivity level is lower than the theoretical maximum productivity, known as productivity frontier, given system and operational inefficiencies. An accurate estimate of optimal labor productivity would allow project managers to determine the efficiency of their labor-intensive construction operations by comparing actual vs. optimal rather than actual vs. historical productivity.