Research Conducted by Associate Professor, Haorong Li

Low-cost, Plug-n-Play, Non-invasive Automated Monitoring, Control, Diagnostics, Optimization and Soft-repair of Building Energy Systems.

The overall goal of this research thrust is to develop, deploy, evaluate, and demonstrate near-zero-cost, non-invasive and plug-and-play diagnostics and optimization technologies for smart buildings which can be adopted by both existing and new buildings immediately.

Zero-Threshold Decision Support Tools for Existing Buildings

The goal of this research thrust is to develop and demonstrate enabling technologies that can empower homeowners to convert their homes into net-zero energy buildings in a cost-effective manner.


Innovative Integrated Design of Building Energy, Waste-reuse, and energy-recovery

In this study, A target is automatically recognized and tracked through a video camera. To reduce data size and scanning time, only recognized target in a box (i.e., kernel) will be scanned.

Bio-mass renewable energy systems

The goal of this research is to develop a rapid degradation technology and process to decompose bio-mass waste into bio-energy and fertilizer.